👉 You know you'll never build the life you want just working your 9-5, and you're ready to start building out multiple streams of income to reach your big goals


👉 You want to know how to start investing in stocks and real estate, but it feels overwhelming and you're not sure where to start


👉 You're proud of where you're at with your finances, but know there is so much more you could be doing


👉 You know we become the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with, and you're ready to up-level your crowd + be surrounded by other badass babes taking control of their financial future


👉 Early retirement, financial independence, CHOOSING to work - they're not a pipedream anymore, they're real goals you are ready to start working towards


Don't miss your chance to join this high touch mastermind taught by Nicole Victoria (AKA The No Budget Babe)!


Meet your coach: Nicole Victoria, AKA The No Budget Babe

Nicole Victoria is a self made millionaire, Money Coach, CEO, and financial literacy advocate -


“It’s my mission to change your whole damn life and show you that it can be easy to win with money. Let’s freaking go!”

I’m Nicole Victoria, and I am so freaking excited to teach you how to up-level your money by harnessing the power of multiple streams of income.

Most of you coming onto this page have one stream of income: likely your 9-5 job. But what if I told you the average millionaire has 7?

This program will work to help you build out multiple streams of income with trainings in side hustles + business, investing, real estate, and more.

I built 6 income streams in my 20s, which helped me grow a $1,000,000 net worth - and will also help me retire early in my 30s as a multi-millionaire. 

I've been where you are: knowing I was meant for something more in this life, but not sure how to get there. Well, Mega Money Babe, I'm here to show you that money gets to be easy and walk you down the roadmap to success.


In this program I will teach you how to:

  • Build your million dollar investment portfolio

  • Use real estate to get rich and make big $$$ 

  • Create passive income (aka so you can get paid while you sleep)... and much more


*PS this method is not a “get rich quick” scheme (those are scams) - I'm not promising you will be a millionaire tomorrow. BUT, if you put these trainings into action, you will set yourself up on the roadmap to ultimate financial success in your lifetime on your own timeline - whatever you want that to look like for you.


⚠️ OMG ⚠️

Joining this mastermind will change your life, just imagine this:


✅ You learned how to start a side hustle (or full fledged business) that filled your bank account with money while you slept - and learned directly from someone who built a multiple 7 figure online business from scratch


✅ You knew how to use your home to build massive wealth (tax free), and how to build a portfolio of rental properties - from someone who has worked on the sale of hundreds of homes in one of North America's hottest markets


✅  You were taught how to build passive income with stocks (it's easier and less risky than you think) - from someone who built her own 6 figure portfolios


✅ You could put your plan in place to help you reach your most wild financial goals, like early retirement, moving to a remote island, travelling for months out of the year, and having the time to focus on your passions (instead of work)


👉How do we know this works? 👈


Because it’s the exact process Nicole Victoria took to become a self made millionaire in her 30s - and now she's on the road to early retirement with 6 streams of income...


And we're here to teach and support you on this journey. Are you a badass Babe ready to take control of her financial future?


This mastermind is for you if:

You know your money can work harder than you ever could.

You're making good money, and you've mastered the basics to personal finance - but you know the only real way to get ahead in life is to get your money working harder than you do (and you're ready to learn how to put it to work).

You have big dreams for yourself and your life, but you're not sure where to start.

You know you should be doing something but you're not exactly sure what that is, or where to start. You've heard about financial independence and would love to "choose to work", but you need some help and guidance in developing your game plan.

You're ready to go all in for yourself and make a change.

You're a go-getter, and you know the best things in life come when you work (and plan) for them. You're ready to take radical responsibility for your life and learn how to get your money working for you.

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Are you ready to give up the BS excuses and start working towards the life you were meant for?



Meet Alexandra: Went from knowing the basics to setting herself up for early retirement.  

"I started Nicole’s Income Multiplier course with no debt and some basic knowledge (which most of it, I learned from Nicoles’ TikToks within the past year and a half).

I signed up for this course because I want my money working for me and I would like to retire early and even have the option to work part time in 10 years.

With The Income Multiplier course, I was able to sell my condo in the city to buy my dream house in the country where I would like to raise my future children. With the profits I made, I opened up an emergency fund, a savings account for upgrades I would like to have and I finally invested the remaining profit into my RRSP and TFSA accounts where I purchased some stocks and REITs. My next step is to invest into a MIC (I am currently setting aside some money so I can receive a decent amount of money through interest monthly).

In the Income Multiplier course, Nicole went through all of the steps you can take to make your money work for you! Whether it is creating a new side hustle, investing in stocks or even MICs, she helps you choose what option is best for you. I have never felt so good about my financial state!"